Strive for 25

Strive for 25 is a summer initiative geared towards getting kids active, thinking about making a positive impact in their communities,
and getting kids to be adventurous with foods. Thanks to the supportive organizations in our community, kids can earn amazing prizes
including, day passes and discounts for many of Manitowoc Counties amazing businesses, kids cook books, toys, water bottles,
and more! Here’s how it works.

Strive for 25 Miles
For every 25 miles (up to 75) kids can earn a prize! Keep track of how many miles of physical activity your kiddos did each day by
crossing off one mile at a time on our tracker. The goal is to be active and have fun, so mileage doesn’t need to be precise! Here are
some estimates that may be helpful: 15 city blocks= mile, 1 kids soccer game= 1.5 miles, 3000 steps= 1 mile.

Strive for 25 Good Deeds
It is never too early to start thinking about servicing your community. So what constitutes as a good deed? A good deed is simple, a
good deed is something which helps another person, animal, or society as a whole. Some examples: clean up trash at the beach, give
your neighbor a flower, open the door for someone, help someone carry something, or volunteer somewhere!

Strive for 25 Different Types of Fruits & Vegetables
Try to find as many fruits and veggies as you can! We encourage everyone to be adventurous and hopefully discover a new favorite
food! The local farmer’s market is a great place to start!

Bring the tracker to any of the locations below from 9am-Noon and receive a prize. Don’t have everything done? That’s okay!
Earn as you go and come back to the next pickup date to get the rest of your prizes.
Saturday, July 13th- YMCA
Saturday, August 10th- YMCA
Saturday, July 27th- Farmer’s Market
Saturday, August 24th- Farmers Market

Trackers can be picked up at the Health Department or download and print your own.

For questions contact Lexi Otis at 920-683-4744 or visit our website.